Can you do other edits besides restoration?

Yes! We can do things such as extreme photoshopping and creative changes. Just contact us.

How do I get the photos to you for restoration?

You send photos to us through our website. Click here and follow the instructions.

Can I send in printed photos?

Currently we only receive scanned, digital photos. This is safer for you because you’ll never lose your original.

Why do I have to pay first?

We start working on your photos as soon as you send them in. And we guarantee you satisfaction. Once finished we email you the final copy. This is faster than showing you a draft and requesting payment. There is no risk due to our satisfaction guarantee.

What size should the photos be?

There is no minimum size or dpi for photos. However, if you send in photos with a low resolution, you can only expect our restorative process will be limited.

I’m not satisfied with my photo restoration. What can I do?

We will revise the photo until you are satisfied. Simply email us with your requests.

How many revisions do I get?

We have no limit on the number of revisions you get.